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Our Milestones

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Best Event for the Year 2023:

"Sunway's Got Talent: Season 5"

@ Student LIFE Recognition Awards Ceremony 2023

Recipient of the "Best Event of the Year" honor out of 612 events held in 2023.

Flagship Event of Year 2023

Sunway's Got Talent: Season 5
"To The Past and Back"

Grand Finale

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Collaborated with 21 respected NGOs specializing in Environment, Wildlife, and Humanitarian causes.

Flagship Event of Year 2022

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Brought together many groups of enthusiastic students from schools all over Malaysia.

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Flagship Event of Year 2021

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Departmental Milestones


Buddies Programme

Greeted more than 10,000+ visitors every year at Sunway Education Open Day & Sunway International School Open Day.

Pals Department

A sum of RM 4,700+ was gathered through different events in 2023 to support the enrollment of additional underprivileged children into the MYReaders program.

Publicity & Engagement

The SSA Instagram account achieved a reach of over 5,000+ people, gained more than 2,900+ followers, and garnered up to 13,000+ views on Instagram Reels.

Special Projects

Successfully organized 10+ meaningful initiatives including celebratory events, informative sessions, and creative workshops, catered to different target audiences.
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